First Slice Pie Café

After an incredibly relaxing (and food filled!) spring break, the sun has finally welcomed us back to Chicago, and to the world of bearable weather. With the sun shining on my first weekend back in the city, I decided to trek up to Andersonville and spend the day in the beautiful sunshine walking around one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods, and catching up on some pleasure reading. I know what you must be thinking readers: Sarah, another Andersonville post?! While I must admit to a minor Andersonville obsession, I promise you this post is well-warranted. Continue reading


A Foodie’s Tour of Andersonville

I love exploring Chicago. Every weekend, despite the copious amounts of homework I may have, I try to do something called “destination studying,” where I go to a new Chicago neighborhood, find a cute café, and get a little work done while soaking in the very best Chicago has to offer. Afterwards, I like to spend time exploring the neighborhood, and trying out the local food. This is the first of many posts I will be doing about my favorite Chicago neighborhoods.

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