First Slice Pie Café

After an incredibly relaxing (and food filled!) spring break, the sun has finally welcomed us back to Chicago, and to the world of bearable weather. With the sun shining on my first weekend back in the city, I decided to trek up to Andersonville and spend the day in the beautiful sunshine walking around one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods, and catching up on some pleasure reading. I know what you must be thinking readers: Sarah, another Andersonville post?! While I must admit to a minor Andersonville obsession, I promise you this post is well-warranted.

The First Slice Pie Café (, recommended to me by my fantastic adviser, is a wonderful café in so many different regards. They have strayed from the cupcake and donut crazes favored by so many of their pastry shop counterparts, and have chosen to focus on the best dessert out there: pie. First Slice has one of the top 20 apple pies in the country, and a variety of pie flavors ranging from the classic French silk to the more unique blueberry cheesecake  and Coffee Toffee. I had a fantastic slice of balsamic raspberry pear pie, along with a delicious cup of coffee. They even heated up the pie for me, and gave me a nice dollop of whipped cream to go with it! The pie was the perfect combination of tart and sweet, and the fresh raspberries and pears inside were perfectly complemented by the buttery, cinnamon-y crust. If that description isn’t enough to make your mouth water, check out the picture below! YUM YUM YUM!ImageThey also seem to have a fantastic selection of locally sourced sandwiches, salads and soups. Once again, readers, I have found another café to add to my long list of places to try again. 

First Slice goes beyond just serving pie– they serve the community too! They donate all their leftover food to folks in the community struggling with hunger and homelessness, and coordinate various volunteer programs in the community. Check out their website (link above!) to find out more about the fantastic things this little café is doing, and be sure to visit one of their three locations for one of the most smile-inducing afternoons you’ll be sure to have in a while. Happy eating!


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