Peach Blueberry Almond Cake

After a long long hiatus, our blog is back! We have both been incredibly busy with school, traveling, work, and (only recently, now that summer is finally here) cooking! I whipped up this cake during a much needed vacation at home after a long school year. Every summer since we were little, it has been a tradition to go to the orchard and pick fresh fruit, and then make a dessert out of it. This trip home was no exception! Normally, the dessert is pie. However, this time I decided to make this┬ácake because it’s so easy and beautifully highlights the color of the fruit against a delicious cake base. It’s easily adaptable and can be made with whatever fruit, flours, etc. you have on hand. This makes it a great seasonal recipe, because you can make it with whatever fruit is ripest (and cheapest!) I made my version with fresh peaches and blueberries.*


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