Guest Blogger Hanna presents New Orleans’ Dat Dog

Our best friend Hanna has lived across the street from us from the time I was born, but now lives in New Orleans– another fantastic city with fantastic food options! We asked her to share a recommendation of one of her favorite local spots, check out what she has to say!


Coming from Bethesda, MD, I had never seen alligator on a menu, let alone tasted it. When I decided to go to college in New Orleans, Louisiana, everyone told me how delicious the food is. I was excited to move to a new city and try all of the new things it had to offer, but being in college often means a college student’s budget, and I wasn’t sure how many amazing restaurants I would be able to try.  I soon found that the beauty of New Orleans is the great places to eat for inexpensive prices. One such place is Dat Dog, near the Tulane campus. They serve 16 types of sausages, from traditional pork and Bratwurst to the more elaborate crawfish and alligator sausages. Along with all the sausage choices comes your choice of as many toppings as you can possibly want. Some of the toppings include the traditional ketchup, mustard and sour cream, plus zesty cheddar cheese, savory bacon, spicy onion, guacamole and hummus. If you are feeling adventurous, try your dog with the addition of Andouille sauce. This is a Louisiana specialty, made from smoked sausage. It’s a huge part of the culture here and is used to give a kick to much of the Cajun food. I also recommend the chili here. If you aren’t a fan of chili on your dog, go for it mounded on top of the chili cheese fries, which add more flavor to the wonderful side dish.  And, if you’re a vegetarian, don’t worry! They have a veggie dog option. It is just as good and can be filled with all of the topping options too. This local restaurant provides great tasty food combined with the local New Orleans culture. They pride themselves on serving good quality and sticking with ingredients that are all locally made. If you are ever in New Orleans, try to make your way over to Dat Dog and taste some great dogs (not the animals!) for a cheap price!


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