Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

We are about to depart on a road trip! The Zeichner-Moon family (plus Henry and Gabriel, honorary Zeichners) is heading to Vermont for the week early tomorrow morning. I wanted to make some healthy, wholesome, and filling muffins for the long car ride, as well as to eat once we arrive in Vermont. Sarah and I were Skyping today, she in Chicago and myself in Bethesda. We decided to turn our Skype date into a Skype-baking date, so we simultaneously baked amazing treats. It took a while to decide what to make, because browsing through a plethora of vegan, healthy, and dessert food blogs turned out to be a very distracting (and mouth-watering!) task. Sarah decided to make oatmeal muffin tops (and I’ll let her share the dirty details of her recipe 😉 and I decided to make Peanut Butter Banana Muffins.


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Inaugural Apartment Cooking Extravaganza: Raspberry scones, fish and chicken marinade, and fudgy brownies

Hey friends! Sorry for the silence. We have been quite busy with hectic end of the year shenanigans. It’s been fun, but between the two of us, in the past couple months, we have graduated high school, taken two sets of finals, moved from the dorms into an apartment and spent time exploring everywhere from the beach to the city. Needless to say, that leaves little time for cooking fantastic things, and even less for sharing those creations with you! So, since Elizabeth broke the silence last night, I am adding my contributions today.

As I mentioned, I moved earlier this month. This past weekend was the first weekend in my new kitchen, so I went a little bananas trying to cook lots of things. I made scones, fish, roasted vegetables, rice, brownies, chocolate chip pancakes, smoothies and bibimbap. I am going to slowly start posting the recipes, but here are a few to get you all started 😉


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