Peach Blueberry Almond Cake

After a long long hiatus, our blog is back! We have both been incredibly busy with school, traveling, work, and (only recently, now that summer is finally here) cooking! I whipped up this cake during a much needed vacation at home after a long school year. Every summer since we were little, it has been a tradition to go to the orchard and pick fresh fruit, and then make a dessert out of it. This trip home was no exception! Normally, the dessert is pie. However, this time I decided to make this cake because it’s so easy and beautifully highlights the color of the fruit against a delicious cake base. It’s easily adaptable and can be made with whatever fruit, flours, etc. you have on hand. This makes it a great seasonal recipe, because you can make it with whatever fruit is ripest (and cheapest!) I made my version with fresh peaches and blueberries.*


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Inaugural Apartment Cooking Extravaganza: Raspberry scones, fish and chicken marinade, and fudgy brownies

Hey friends! Sorry for the silence. We have been quite busy with hectic end of the year shenanigans. It’s been fun, but between the two of us, in the past couple months, we have graduated high school, taken two sets of finals, moved from the dorms into an apartment and spent time exploring everywhere from the beach to the city. Needless to say, that leaves little time for cooking fantastic things, and even less for sharing those creations with you! So, since Elizabeth broke the silence last night, I am adding my contributions today.

As I mentioned, I moved earlier this month. This past weekend was the first weekend in my new kitchen, so I went a little bananas trying to cook lots of things. I made scones, fish, roasted vegetables, rice, brownies, chocolate chip pancakes, smoothies and bibimbap. I am going to slowly start posting the recipes, but here are a few to get you all started 😉


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First Slice Pie Café

After an incredibly relaxing (and food filled!) spring break, the sun has finally welcomed us back to Chicago, and to the world of bearable weather. With the sun shining on my first weekend back in the city, I decided to trek up to Andersonville and spend the day in the beautiful sunshine walking around one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods, and catching up on some pleasure reading. I know what you must be thinking readers: Sarah, another Andersonville post?! While I must admit to a minor Andersonville obsession, I promise you this post is well-warranted. Continue reading

Parsnip and Kale Quinoa Bowls with Tahini Sauce and Chia Seed Pudding

Happy Monday, friends! It is 50 degrees here in Chicago, and the first day in several months that I have not worn wool socks to class. My ankles are exposed, and I’m not freezing, which is truly something to celebrate!

This weekend, my friend Giuliana and I decided to ring in the coming of spring with a delicious and wholesome meal inspired by one of our favorite food bloggers, Andrea Bemis. Andrea writes a blog called Dishing Up The Dirt, where she blogs about her independent farming ventures and the delicious, seasonal, mainly vegetarian food she makes from the vegetables she harvests with her husband. For all you health food skeptics, don’t be scared off by the words “kale,” “quinoa” or “chia seeds.” I promise that if you make this recipe, there is no way you regret it.Image(my apologies for the sub-par pictures. Clearly between the two of us, Elizabeth is pulling the weight in the photo department…)

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A Foodie’s Tour of Andersonville

I love exploring Chicago. Every weekend, despite the copious amounts of homework I may have, I try to do something called “destination studying,” where I go to a new Chicago neighborhood, find a cute café, and get a little work done while soaking in the very best Chicago has to offer. Afterwards, I like to spend time exploring the neighborhood, and trying out the local food. This is the first of many posts I will be doing about my favorite Chicago neighborhoods.

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Favorite Dish of the Season: Curried Lentil, Squash and Apple Soup


As the last few weeks of deep winter (slowly) tick away, I have been reflecting on the best foods I have eaten and made this winter. For me, winter is made bearable only by the omnipresence of butternut squash in the majority of vegetarian dishes. I could live in winter a long, long time if I was fed a steady diet of squash.

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Fried Egg, Avocado, and Chipotle Mayo Grilled Cheese (and other favorite grilled cheeses)

photo 1 A staple in our house for lunch is the sandwich. I know what you’re thinking: everyone’s staple is the sandwich. My friends, I am not just talking about any sandwich. I am talking about sandwich royalty—the kings, queens, princes, and princesses of sandwiches. These sandwiches normally involve anything from fried eggs, to homemade pesto, to the ubiquitous half-avocado spread liberally on the bread (avocado is nature’s butter, bitches!) To group these sandwiches in with Subway, or deli sandwiches would be to commit a crime against the art of the sandwich. Continue reading


Dear Readers,

My name is Sarah. My sister’s name is Elizabeth. We are two sisters, Maryland born and raised. Our childhood was a steady stream of delicious home-cooked food and awkward dinnertime conversations instigated by our doctor parents.  We now live in different states, but these early habits have not faded, and now traverse space and time to bring us together. We spend our weeknights sending each other great looking recipes, and sharing hilarious stories about our days.  Through this blog, we hope to bring a bit of our kitchen table and our sisterly love to you, delicious food and awkward chats included.

Bon appétit 😉