The Truth Behind Kale

I don’t think I can get through an entire day without eating kale. Seriously. I am addicted. Sarah and I love kale so much that for Hanukkah, our mom, Rachel, gave us matching shirts that read, “EAT MORE KALE.” Even though we get the occasional stares and the even more occasional, “But I don’t even LIKE kale!!!” we cannot help our love for this delicious, nutritious, and versatile super food.


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Favorite Dish of the Season: Curried Lentil, Squash and Apple Soup


As the last few weeks of deep winter (slowly) tick away, I have been reflecting on the best foods I have eaten and made this winter. For me, winter is made bearable only by the omnipresence of butternut squash in the majority of vegetarian dishes. I could live in winter a long, long time if I was fed a steady diet of squash.

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