Double Chocolate Macarons


As Passover starts tonight, I wanted to make a fun Kosher for Passover dessert that does not include any fake “Passover” substitutions.

A traditional dessert for Passover, the macaroon, is a dense drop-cookie made from shredded dried coconut. However, this French-style macaron is light and airy (largely from a beaten egg white base), but full of flavor. The egg white base creates a meringue, and is combined with almond flour, powdered sugar, and cocoa powder. Macarons are often sandwiched with ganache, frosting or jam. I sandwiched them with melted and tempered bittersweet chocolate, so they hardened to be decadent sandwich cookies with a smooth and rich chocolate filling. Continue reading



This post falls during the Jewish holiday of Purim, a holiday marked by feasting and celebrating the deliverance of the Jewish people, as told by the book of Esther. Hamantaschen are the quintessential Purim food, and their endless variations and combinations are insanely delicious. Hamantaschen are known for their triangular shape, referencing the hat of the villainous Haman, and symbolizing his defeat.


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Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


The weather in Maryland has been unseasonably crazy lately, with weekly snowstorms blowing in and out. When the weather is cold and snowy outside, there is nothing better than making some fresh baked goods to pass the time. With another snowstorm brewing (and an excuse to bake!), I decided to delve into the world of desserts to find a perfect cupcake.


If you are looking for a decadent and fun dessert, look no further: this cupcake is for you! Continue reading